Different Types of Kids Shoes – Big Man on Campus can be your Littlest Man

Sometimes, the most prominent and important part of a kid’s outfit are the kid’s shoes. There are different types of kids shoes, from the more common Kids Sneakers that’s good for everyday use, to the sophisticated dress shoes for special events like oxfords or derbys. In this article, we discuss the different types of kids shoes and we also discuss some tips on how to buy the right kind and size of shoe for your kids.

How to Pick Shoe Size for your Kids

The most important factor when buying a kids shoe like kids sneakers or any other kid is the size. If the shoes are too tight, too loose, too narrow, or too wide, they can cause damage to the kid’s growing feet that can cause trouble even into adulthood. Because kids feet grow very fast, they should have their feet measured every time you buy them new shoes. Be more watchful for their school shoes especially because they wear them most of the time. A lot of times, your kids’ leg will not fit a regular size (and this is common with most kids) so consider shoe sizes with half sizes and different widths and lengths. Until they’re four of five years old, children grow two full sizes a year on average – and even after that, it works out about a shoe size every year. When a shoe is too tight it can lead to deformities. Watch your kids and take note if they are crawling, cruising, wobbly walking, or stomping in a weird manner then you can change their shoe size if that’s not a proper fit and hence the cause of the problem. Your kids’ shoes need to provide the right weight, support, and flexibility

How to Ensure Durability

Even though your kids will outgrow their shoes more frequently than adults, the durability of the shoes still matter. Also get kids that are easy to get on and take off and can stay on throughout the day with many activities form school to play. Opt for kid’s sneakers as they are a great choice and fit these requirements.

Types of Kid’s Shoes


Derbys are formal shoes and they are quite similar to Oxfords. Derby shoes have eyelet facings that are stitched on thin top of the vamp. This style is also known as open front style.


Brogues are shoes that have perforations. hey also possess separation at the visible edges of the material. They are worn as outdoor footwear. Today they are also worn as casual shoes. They are common for men and also for women men inspired fashion.


Espadrilles shoes are also known as alpargatas. They are mostly flat but sometimes come in high heel versions too. These types of shoes originated in the Pyrenees and are quote common across Europe. They are made of material like canvas or cotton. The sole of these shoes is made from jute rope. The main characteristic of this shoe is the jute rope sole, as the upper section may differ from one shoe to another.


Monk-straps are shoes that have no lace but use buckles and straps. They come with either single straps or double straps. They are quite popular among monks which is where they get their name from.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are usually made from canvas and/or leather materials. Boat shoes are made so the upper section repels water and is stain proof. The are also known as deck shoes or topsiders. They are hand sewn and top stitched. They came in both lace and lace-less versions.


Boots are special types of shoes which not only provide protection to the feet but are also designed to cover and protect ankles or sometimes lower legs. Boots ar every common and anyone who stays in a winter climate has a boot because they are great for the cold, snow boots for snow and rain boots for rain. Other types of books are rigger boots, dress boots, Chelsea boots, fashion boots, cowboy boots, mukluks, etc.


Cleats are usually worn during sports like Soccer. The underside of these shoes is equipped with a projecting piece of hard rubber or metal or studded soles. This feature is added to the shoes for providing better grip to the shoes. As mentioned, these shoes are common in sports and are usually worn by players in sports like soccer, baseball, etc.  These shoes also come in many different styles. They are also known as studs.


Sneakers and kids sneakers are athletic shoes that are used for everyday activities by pretty much everyone. Sneakers are also known as athletic shoes. They are specifically designed for sports or physical exercise related activity. However, they can also be worn as casual shoes by kids, adults, and old people.  They are available for men as well as women. Sneakers fall into the category of soft shoes, which are mostly equipped with rubber soles. They are one of the most comfortable shoes.


Flip flops are great for warm weather and for going to the beach or the lake. These are very comfortable footwear that often comes like casual sandals. They two thin straps joined in V-shape in their upper sections and are usually made of plastic or water-resistant material.


Sandals are another summer shoe.  These types of footwear are characterized by straps which pass over the instep and at times the straps are also available around the ankle. The toes are left uncovered in sandals and they can be worn in different occasions. However, they are preferred to be worn during warm season or with a sock in somewhat cooler weather. They can also have heels in the women option and there are sandals with high ankle straps called gladiator sandals.


The term loafer is used for any type of shoe which does not have any kind of lacing or fastening system. They can be easily worn as a foot is simply slipped on it. They are also known as slip-ons. The toes remain fully covered in these shoes. They are also available for men, women and even children.

Ankle Straps

Ankle straps for women have one or many straps which are tied around the ankles. The straps are made from different types of materials. They may have heels or no heels. It gives a very stylish look. They are often mistaken for sandals because of how their similarity in looks.

Ballet flats

These have been inspired by the ballet shoes. These are usually flat and are enclosed types of shoes. They are very comfortable to wear. They may have many designs incorporated on them. They are favorite of ladies of any age group.  They are good to be worn during the warm weather.